Pill 223 round white oxycodone

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Answer: If it is flat and scored on one side, it's probably 325 mg acetaminophen/ 5 mg oxycodone. (generic regular strength Percocet). A perfect answer.

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As I was talking of earlier, the woman I know who goes to the doc that throws meds around like candy.. she was prescribed to hydromorphone (the pill you have..) for a.

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223 round white oxycodone Can i take hydroxycut with hcg
Rexall pregnancy evaporation test line which pill is faster release the one with 512 on it or the one with watson 749 on it ## I have a light green pill with 242 on it it is quick release oxy supposed to.
Fun bets with girlfriend hello does anyone know what kind of pill has 512 on it. Its round and white . I looked it up and i found that its oxycodone and its says that its
Can you take robitussin with allegra medicine Found this in a CVS parking lot on my way home from Kmart on my bike this evening. Was wondering what it is (i've found two possibles on the internet no pics though.

223 round white oxycodone

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